Healing Services Available

Healing The Body

Oftentimes, our struggles can become so burdensome that we tend to carry them deep in the tension of our muscles and the aching of our bones. In order to make room for mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, we must first iron out the heaviness of our physical bodies.
Modalities of Healing offered for the body include stretching and yoga, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, cupping, and more. Some services may not yet be available.

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Nurturing The Soul

When you find yourself trudging through life with no clear explanation, it is possible that you’re experiencing an imbalance of your energies. Your spirit is the foundation of your life and will endure its own highs and lows; at Obsidian, we strive to inform and assist in a healing practice that penetrates deeper than the mind.
Modalities of Healing offered for the soul include reiki, prana healing, sound healing, chakra balancing, energy healing, and meditation. Some services may not yet be available.

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Relaxing The Mind

At Obsidian, it is our desire that everyone would find a place of clarity and serenity in their mind by addressing their anxieties and traumas in a controlled, safe environment. When you invest into healing the mind, your entire presence will become more centered and you will be able tofinda peaceful harmony like nothing else before.
Modalities of Healing offered for the mind include mediation, mental therapy, coaching, prana healing, reiki, energy healing, and sound healing. Some services may not yet be available.

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Balancing the Emotions

Feelings tend to trick us into believing that our emotions are a reliable compass for life, rather than fleeting reactions that change from moment to moment. While emotions can serve as helpful monitors, it is important to establish a positive relationship that puts you in control. We want to put you in touch with your emotions, both positive and negative, and help you build healthy habits that keep you in charge.
Modalities of Healing offered for the emotions include meditation, breath-work, expressive discussion, coaching and more. Some services may not yet be available.

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4D Experience

(Coming Spring 2020)

Complete and whole wellness can be achieved through the acknowledgment of four areas of yourself; body, soul, mind, and emotions. With Obsidian’s exclusive 4-Dimensional healing, we will integrate an experience for each dynamic into one session.

Multidimensional Modalities of Healing offered include a combination of breath-work and meditation, physical massage, therapeutic discussions, and energy balancing.

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